About Us

Waterproof TVs Direct Limited were founded in 2009 by a team of people with years of experience in the home improvement and technology industries.

Our goal as a company is simple, to bring top quality waterproof television to all our current and future clients in both the consumer and trade sectors.

We believe that there are to many sites selling poor quality, low specification waterproof tvs which will lead to customer dissatisfaction. Often the price of these units reflects their actual worth.

You will not find cheap products on this site, you will only find top quality waterproof televisions and accessories manufactured to an excellent standard.

If you are looking to give your home, property development, hotel, yacht or whatever the desired interior the ultimate finish then why would you install cut price, un-reliable technology? The simple answer you wouldn't!

Please see our Buyers Guide for frequently asked questions, product PDF's that instruct how to install your waterproof tv correctly and also explanation's of waterproof ratings, troubleshooting and general industry advice.

Going into 2012 we will be expanding daily and looking to continue cementing our place as a worldwide industry leader in this sector, we hope you join us on the way.