ThermaSsure Bath Temperature Control


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The ThermaSsure is an innovative bathing temperature control system which maintains the bath water at your desired temperature, ranging from 34c-43c. The ThermaSsure offers you the ultimate, luxurious bathing experience at the touch of a button.

Having built-in audible and visible warning systems, your ThermaSsure will alert you if the bath has been filled with water exceeding 46c, vastly reducing the risk of scalding. Ideal when bathing young children and the elderly.

This environmentally friendly and efficient product removes the need to replace cooling bath water, making it the ideal bathing accessory for those who regularly take long baths, have a water meter or simply want to save money on their bills. Typically, over the period of one hour, it is cheaper to use the ThermaSsure system than to refill the bath with warm water.

Key Features

  • Maintain safe bathing water temperature
  • User friendly intelligent touch control
  • Illuminated digital display
  • Suitable for both new and retro-fit installations
  • Very low running cost
  • Built-in safety warnings
  • Optional UV purification system
  • Easy to install
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Saves money, energy and therefore money

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